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SBMmarkets is an international brokerage brand. This reliable company, headed by a team of exceptional individuals with decades of experience in the field, is rigorously in compliance with the meticulous standards of financial stability, as well as proper management and security of funds.

We connect counterparties with market-leading Traditional Trade for CFDs on shares, commodities, forex, and indices. Our institutional strength, practical expertise, comprehensive technology, and unparalleled network enable us to deliver a powerful global trading platform, when and where our clients need it.

We are dedicated to improving the services we offer to our clients, as well as building the highest level of trust which allows them to confidently trade with us.

Why SBMmarkets?

Strong financial resources and regulatory oversight

By establishing solid relationships with many of the biggest international banks, we are able to ensure our clients receive a first-class trading experience. This has also enabled us to expand our client base, generate increased trading volume and provide vast liquidity to our clients at superior prices. Our ongoing and continual expansion of financial service offerings - including multi-language support, multi-currency and multiple payment methods - ensures that our customers enjoy a unique trading experience.

Competitive pricing and trade execution

We have worked hard to ensure our pricing always remains competitive and transparent. To minimize buy/sell spreads and automate trade execution, we have devoted over a decade of investment in cutting-edge technology.

24-hour support center

We are dedicated to offering best-of-breed support and believe that ultimately, our success is measured by our clients' success. Our commitment to high quality customer service is thus both a driving force and a manifestation of this understanding. Our friendly and experienced 24-hour support team offers comprehensive solutions for all customer requirements.

Experience the next-generation trading platform

Our state-of-the-art trading platform grants you unparalleled access to the CFD market and offers all of the necessary tools and features to optimize your experience and make the most out of your CFD trading. Our cloud-based technology ensures your access from any device and location. With servers and backups around the globe, you are assured of anywhere anytime order execution.

Enjoy a wide range of financial Instruments

We provide the most comprehensive trading environment possible for our clients! We offer the opportunity to trade CFDs on the widest range of underlying assets available, including: Shares, Commodities, Forex, Indices and ETFs.

Transparent Trading Services

We understand how the company owes it to its clients transparent and honest trading services.
The company takes pride in having no additional fees and hidden commissions, securing a trustworthy trading environment for the benefit of its clients.


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Our main mission

SBMmarkets aims to facilitate a fair and secure world-class trading environment for retail and institutional clients. This will ensure that traders will have peace of mind and attain stability in a high-risk setting. Furthermore, our company is also dedicated to help traders attain their financial goals and have the lifestyle they dream about.

Our vision is to become the premier provider of trading services worldwide, while instilling client independence.